Friday, February 27, 2009

House Consideration of H.R. 1106

The House of Representatives met as a "Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union" on Thursday to consider H.R. 1106, the "Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009." H.R. 1106 includes provisions that will allow Bankruptcy Judges to modify certain mortgages on principal residence in Chapter 13 bankruptcy. After the Committee's consider of H.R. 1106, the full House did not vote on the bill. A vote may be set next week.

A Committee of the Whole is a committee consisting of all members of the House of Representatives and is used to expedite House action. The Committee of the Whole cannot pass a bill, but after it is done with its debate and amendments to the bill, "the committee rises" and its Chair reports the bill back to the full House of Representatives, where it is voted on or sent back to a legislative committee from which it was reported.

The comments of the various Congressmen can be found on the House's website.
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